Monday, July 27, 2015

Trio? Try Triple Threat: 7/27/2015

This week has been the longest week in my life and yet it has passed by in a blur. So much happens in a day. We added up our areas and this week we had 61 lessons! God has definitely given us miracles in abundance. So much happens that mornings feel like they were weeks ago. We  now have 4 people with a baptism date that we are helping.

It's interesting covering a ward by myself. I talked with President this week and they do intend to keep the areas separate so it's up to us to keep the area alive. We fasted that finding would just fall into our laps because we don't have time to find, we got 5 referrals! 

You know how some people just throw their kids into the pool to teach them how to swim? That's pretty much been my week. Either sink or swim. I definitely feel like I'm dog paddling but I'm staying above!

The trio was an adjustment but after a few days it was a lot of fun. I think the moment of offical bonding was when we realized we could do three part harmony. We have been singing a lot. I love it. I usually take the Tenor line an octave above, Sister Underly takes the Alto, and Sister Grandy rocks the melody. It's been good. 

Spiritual Moment:
I've been studying a LOT about Luke 15: the lost sheep, the lost coin, and the prodigal son. My brother-in-law posed the question, why are there 3 different stories to say the same thing. This morning I read over it another time and realized they are not the same at all! The sheep wanders off innocently, almost unaware. A sheep is symbolic of innocence. They enter a sin unsuspectingly and soon find themselves lost. In order to get back to the fold, those who represent the savior put them upon their backs and carry them home. The lost coin: It gets lost through the carelessness of others. It takes the efforts "seek(ing) diligently" and "sweeping", cleaning out the offenders own dirt to bring them back. Then you have the prodigal son, someone who willfully disobeys or turns against their Heavenly Father. For them, you just have to watch and wait for them to "come to themselves" and start their own walk home. Then when they come, run, greet them with open arms. You have to let go of past grudges and welcome them back rejoicing.

I don't know if that is completely correct but it's what I felt thisa morning. Hope you all have a great week!

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