Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Great Things in Store: 4/27/2015

Once again, I have no clue where my email time has gone. Also, I have failed to bring my camera but I have pictures from our Fun Run a month or so ago!

The former Love-a-mucca Mountain Zistrict!

Life here is good. Loving role plays is something we have both struggled with, but they have been helping a TON for our teaching. We are starting to get in the groove with each other. All my previous companions were all super confident, knew what you were doing, people so it's a change, but a good one. Lots of room for growth for both of us. The area has been booming. It is all the fast. We have a family in the ward fasting every day of April for missionary work. I've worked this hard, if not much much harder, my whole mission and have never seen the results we are seeing. I told my district leader to not be too surprised if things slow down after the fast. He told me that didn't sound like faith talking. I just laughed and said, "No! It is faith! It's faith in the power of fasting!". The Lord is letting great things happen here. It's fun to be part of it. I hope everything continues, but I also know that it is the Lord's work and I can feel satisfied when I am doing all I can. 

News: Tomorrow we get the Driver Accountability Program installed in the car. It monitors everything, even if you go one mile over the speed limit, and it you prove to not follow the rules of the road I heard you get you driving privileges taken away! I've been practicing since I got the car not going even one over. We will see! 

Love you all tons! Hope everything is going good in your neighborhood! 

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