Monday, July 28, 2014

I Don't Have a Title But Being a Girl Sucks: 7/28/14

This week I was sick. I threw up a few times from the pain of cramps. Since it wasn't something anyone could catch, I went out and worked like normal. So that happened. Then Wednesday came along and we got off our bikes and were talking with a family we had been working with. Then the world started to move and I saw black dots and...It wasn't good. For the rest of the day I couldn't stand without feeling like I was on a boat. I talked to our mission nurse. She said it was either dehydration or malnutrition from the throwing up. Luckily, after four big things of Gatorade and protein bars I am back to normal now! Yay!

I was thinking. Crap. We didn't do anything this week. Then I started filling out the progress record. It was crazy! We actually did a lot! Here's my favorite story from this week:

I was finishing up reading 2 Nephi. Then I got to the point where He's dying. That is always a sad moment. He's is one of my favorite prophets to read about. He's so courageous and yet so incredibly loving. You can tell how much he cares about the people. Then I read 2 Nephi 32:7 and I just had to laugh

And now I, Nephi, cannot say more; the Spirit stoppeth mine utterance, and I am left to mourn because of the unbelief, and the wickedness, and the ignorance, and the stiffneckedness of men; for they will not search knowledge, nor understand great knowledge, when it is given unto them in plainness, even as plain as word can be.

Amen Nephi! Amen! That's most common and frustrating thing we run up against is just plain old apathy. It's much easier for people not to care, so they don't. And I realized, even  NEPHI could get frustrated and discouraged! Then I continued reading. He talks a lot about using the Spirit and continuing to help the people. And I realized, I want to be like Nephi. I want everything I do in my service to others to be guided by the spirit. So, when we got to a point in the day when all our plans fell through and it was time to pick a back up. I said, "Let's pray about it!"

You always hear these stories of missionaries who pray for what to do, both companions have the same prompting before even speaking, they follow the prompting, and a absolute miracle happens. I've experienced that already. Well, you could imagine our disappointment when we have completely different answers. Not only that, we felt very strongly about our two different answers. Awkward. Well, we tried my idea first because it was the closest. We headed down Cottonwood to meet the F. family. They weren't home. I felt like a fool. Then we headed down to where Sister Anderson thought we should go. On the corner of the two streets, we saw a lady on the street. I used the "Hi, how are you today!" approach (If they are answer more than silence or a cold hello back, we stop and talk for a bit). She replied "I'm doing great, how are you today!". Of course we stopped. She sees our tags and she says "LDS MIssionaries! Finally. I've been hoping to see you today." It was as if she had been sitting on the corner just waiting for us to arrive. She is a homeless lady. We helped her this week to get to a homeless shelter. Mostly, we helped her by just talking. She begged us for a Book of Mormon and cried because she had lost hers and was wanting a new one. It was a neat neat experience and we wouldn't have been there if we weren't on our way from the two different locations. It's amazing how the Lord puts us at the right place at the right time.

It's been a good week (minus being sick). I hope everyone else had a good week as well!

Happy Birthday to the Ground: 7/22/14

I don't know if you have seen the Lonely Island skit of "I throw it on the ground!" but you should. 

It was my birthday this week. It was good! We woke up to our car being wrapped in saran wrap and had to cut it to get use of our vehicle. We went out like any other day to proselyte. Made a few visits. Went to a special training where President and Sister Hermansen and the missionaries surprised me with loud singing when I came back from the bathroom. Then we went to dinner. The Funks made me a beautiful purple birthday cake, the kids made a banner, and they got me a present! It was really special. Then the dumb part. The first time on I got yelled at on my mission. Ugh. It was dumb. I wish it was a stranger that did it. They were the ones in the wrong. It was a less active guy that needed a ride and we, as sisters, could not give him one. Sister Anderson cried. I wasn't too happy. We went back to the apartment to get our cool. Then just walked around but luckily God made sure no one was on the street because it would not have worked. Then, we were about to go to bed and call it a day when Sister anderson talks about how she has to put away her laundry. I tell her to throw it on the ground. She does and quotes the music video. Before she did that I was pulling in our cell phone to charge and ever so conviniently had the phone in my hand still. "this isn't my dad! this is a cell phone". I threw it on the ground. Then I look at sister anderson. she looks at me. I say "We have birthday cake downstairs......". "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE GROUND!!!! I'M NOT A PART OF YO SYSTEM!!!! I'M AN ADULLLLTT"!  And suddenly the night was much much better! hahaha It was a pretty good birthday if I do say so myself!

It's been a good week. Last week was good statistically. This week was good progression-ally. It really has been. All the less actives we have been working with came to church! Sister L. is seriously working on going back to the temple. Josh, who fell away in the teenage years, says that he is back and never falling away again. We found out that the day before we came to visit him the first time he had prayed for the first time in 12 years! We showed up the next day and every day since then has been better than the last. Everything that he has prayed for has come through. We have a couple people agreed to the lessons. Our Ward Mission Leader is very happy with the work we are doing and says that he is already seeing miracles because of us. It's been a good week.

It's amazing how you can begin to see all the people that God has placed specifically in your path. The lives that you are able to bless. It's good :) I like being a missionary. God is definately aware of every single person on this earth. Oh, how he loves us.

There was some serious rain, serious for Nevada at least, on Sunday that knocked out the power and caused tons of flooding. It made it so the system was down on Monday, which is why I'm writting now.

Well, I better get back to missionary work! I hope everyone has a great week!

Best Week So Far in Gardnerville: 7/14/14

I saved my mass email for last and am now out of time. Opps! Awks. 

But you all have to know how amazing this week was. Usually missionary work is a lot like.... you put money in the vending machine, you press the right button, but instead of a cookie coming out, a bird craps on your head. But you continue to do that because eventually the cookie will come out!

Not this week. It was so awesome. We have met a lot of people and have really gotten into a groove here. We have 3 new investigators that seem pretty solid. Two of the people we have been working with accepted a soft commitment to baptism! My favorite part member family here agreed to hearing the missionary lessons--they are feeding us dinner tomorrow and then we start the first lesson after we eat! We must have done something right, because something right is happening to us. The Lord has absolutely been spoiling us this week. People must be praying for me or something. Most of missionary work is quite tedious, but then you have those moments where you are like--woah.  This is all worth it. I can actually make a difference in someone else's life. That has been this whole week. It's been awesome. 

One of the funnier moments you may enjoy: we have befriended a 10th grade bike gang. Yep!

Hope you all have a great week :)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Aunt Marah: 7/7/14

I'm a firm believer that the bigger the sacrifice, the bigger the blessings. I knew that it would be hard for my older sister to have her first baby, my first nephew while I was on the mission. All my companions have gone through it and told me it wasn't too bad. But I had to think they did not understand how close me and my sister are. I missed her ALOT this week. I know that if the Lord wasn't helping me through this to keep my mind focused it would have be WAY harder.

Tender Mercies:
-The day before the water broke, I asked a lady in the ward if she would be the middle man and keep me updated on Jack 2014 Baby Watch. Bless her heart, she was SO excited for that task! She texted Katie saying call at ANY time of the night. Even though, what I had heard last was it was going to be on time, I had a person set up to let me know.
-The birth went well and little Jack is healthy :) 
-We went to the ladies house the next day during lunch and I was able to see him! I love my little nephew so much already!
-Once I was done being caught up in seeing him and being happy, I was able to refocus and go to work. 
-This week I feel like I actually have a head on my shoulders and feel confident in what we are doing. We have people to see. It's been a great week :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Gardnerville: Off to New Horizons: 6/30/14

Gardnerville is actually normal. I miss how crazy Wells is. It was ALWAYS an adventure there. I think coming here is more what I expected of missionary work, but I miss the randomness that optimizes Wells. But enough of missing Wells for now.
I'm in Gardnerville, near Carson City. It's funny how everyone from here calls it a "small town". Both Sister Anderson and I came from towns of less than 800 people and were shell shocked by how many people were here. It's going good. The Elders we are replacing actually cleaned which was super nice. There currently isn't much work so we have spent most our time getting lost, finding our way, meeting leadership--the normal double transfer routine. It's actually normal here and I don't come home smelling like smoke and wet dog and horse crap.... I never thought that would be something I miss but I do. But Sister Anderson and I are getting along and having fun. It's been good. We are in the designated Spanish branch. We cover the English families and the Spanish elders get...the Spanish people. At church yesterday suddenly the conversation slips into a different language and I'm like.... oh my gosh what am I doing here. Good thing I know so much Spanish right? And by that I mean I took one class in 8th grade and know nothing. Hahaha. It's kinda cool though. Inside the ward there's a "Spanish Group". Every other week they have their own sacrament in the primary room that was once the old chapel. The other week (supposedly) there is a translator that talks into an earpiece.

One new thing: It's so weird to actually see other missionaries and we see them at least once every other day. It's a new experience. Same with amount of cars and people.
It's going good. I'm sure sooner or later I will love it as much as I love Wells.  

Katie Here!  These are some pictures Marah sent me this week.  

This is a family Marah was very sad to say goodbye to in Wells.

This is Marah's new companion Sister Anderson and a family in Gardnerville!