Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Gardnerville: Off to New Horizons: 6/30/14

Gardnerville is actually normal. I miss how crazy Wells is. It was ALWAYS an adventure there. I think coming here is more what I expected of missionary work, but I miss the randomness that optimizes Wells. But enough of missing Wells for now.
I'm in Gardnerville, near Carson City. It's funny how everyone from here calls it a "small town". Both Sister Anderson and I came from towns of less than 800 people and were shell shocked by how many people were here. It's going good. The Elders we are replacing actually cleaned which was super nice. There currently isn't much work so we have spent most our time getting lost, finding our way, meeting leadership--the normal double transfer routine. It's actually normal here and I don't come home smelling like smoke and wet dog and horse crap.... I never thought that would be something I miss but I do. But Sister Anderson and I are getting along and having fun. It's been good. We are in the designated Spanish branch. We cover the English families and the Spanish elders get...the Spanish people. At church yesterday suddenly the conversation slips into a different language and I'm like.... oh my gosh what am I doing here. Good thing I know so much Spanish right? And by that I mean I took one class in 8th grade and know nothing. Hahaha. It's kinda cool though. Inside the ward there's a "Spanish Group". Every other week they have their own sacrament in the primary room that was once the old chapel. The other week (supposedly) there is a translator that talks into an earpiece.

One new thing: It's so weird to actually see other missionaries and we see them at least once every other day. It's a new experience. Same with amount of cars and people.
It's going good. I'm sure sooner or later I will love it as much as I love Wells.  

Katie Here!  These are some pictures Marah sent me this week.  

This is a family Marah was very sad to say goodbye to in Wells.

This is Marah's new companion Sister Anderson and a family in Gardnerville!  

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