Sunday, July 13, 2014

Aunt Marah: 7/7/14

I'm a firm believer that the bigger the sacrifice, the bigger the blessings. I knew that it would be hard for my older sister to have her first baby, my first nephew while I was on the mission. All my companions have gone through it and told me it wasn't too bad. But I had to think they did not understand how close me and my sister are. I missed her ALOT this week. I know that if the Lord wasn't helping me through this to keep my mind focused it would have be WAY harder.

Tender Mercies:
-The day before the water broke, I asked a lady in the ward if she would be the middle man and keep me updated on Jack 2014 Baby Watch. Bless her heart, she was SO excited for that task! She texted Katie saying call at ANY time of the night. Even though, what I had heard last was it was going to be on time, I had a person set up to let me know.
-The birth went well and little Jack is healthy :) 
-We went to the ladies house the next day during lunch and I was able to see him! I love my little nephew so much already!
-Once I was done being caught up in seeing him and being happy, I was able to refocus and go to work. 
-This week I feel like I actually have a head on my shoulders and feel confident in what we are doing. We have people to see. It's been a great week :)

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