Monday, July 28, 2014

Happy Birthday to the Ground: 7/22/14

I don't know if you have seen the Lonely Island skit of "I throw it on the ground!" but you should. 

It was my birthday this week. It was good! We woke up to our car being wrapped in saran wrap and had to cut it to get use of our vehicle. We went out like any other day to proselyte. Made a few visits. Went to a special training where President and Sister Hermansen and the missionaries surprised me with loud singing when I came back from the bathroom. Then we went to dinner. The Funks made me a beautiful purple birthday cake, the kids made a banner, and they got me a present! It was really special. Then the dumb part. The first time on I got yelled at on my mission. Ugh. It was dumb. I wish it was a stranger that did it. They were the ones in the wrong. It was a less active guy that needed a ride and we, as sisters, could not give him one. Sister Anderson cried. I wasn't too happy. We went back to the apartment to get our cool. Then just walked around but luckily God made sure no one was on the street because it would not have worked. Then, we were about to go to bed and call it a day when Sister anderson talks about how she has to put away her laundry. I tell her to throw it on the ground. She does and quotes the music video. Before she did that I was pulling in our cell phone to charge and ever so conviniently had the phone in my hand still. "this isn't my dad! this is a cell phone". I threw it on the ground. Then I look at sister anderson. she looks at me. I say "We have birthday cake downstairs......". "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE GROUND!!!! I'M NOT A PART OF YO SYSTEM!!!! I'M AN ADULLLLTT"!  And suddenly the night was much much better! hahaha It was a pretty good birthday if I do say so myself!

It's been a good week. Last week was good statistically. This week was good progression-ally. It really has been. All the less actives we have been working with came to church! Sister L. is seriously working on going back to the temple. Josh, who fell away in the teenage years, says that he is back and never falling away again. We found out that the day before we came to visit him the first time he had prayed for the first time in 12 years! We showed up the next day and every day since then has been better than the last. Everything that he has prayed for has come through. We have a couple people agreed to the lessons. Our Ward Mission Leader is very happy with the work we are doing and says that he is already seeing miracles because of us. It's been a good week.

It's amazing how you can begin to see all the people that God has placed specifically in your path. The lives that you are able to bless. It's good :) I like being a missionary. God is definately aware of every single person on this earth. Oh, how he loves us.

There was some serious rain, serious for Nevada at least, on Sunday that knocked out the power and caused tons of flooding. It made it so the system was down on Monday, which is why I'm writting now.

Well, I better get back to missionary work! I hope everyone has a great week!

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