Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Birthdays, Bug Bites, and Goodbyes: 7/20/2015

***********NEW ADDRESS*****************
Plans changed, I moved in with the STLs so my address has changed. SEND MAIL!
4827 Killdeer Rd
Carson City, NV 89701

Okay, they aren't bug bites. The day after my birthday I woke up with red dots covering my whole body. We thought they were bug bites, maybe ants in the bed. Then they grew and multiplied. We talked to a doctor and he checked it out--Pityriasis Rosea. Imaging mosquito bites over your whole body. It's non-contagious and should go away on it's own by next Thursday.

Though that's no fun but this week has been SO fun. We have seen so many good things happening in Hot Springs. Some very powerful lessons were taught this week. The not-so-spiritual highlight from this week was that it was my birthday! Most the day was normal proselyting. In keeping with tradition I have only gotten yelled at on my birthday! 

We were walking in this apartment complex. Our appointment fell though so we went to contact a Less Active in the same complex. Walking to the door I see a lady and call out "Hey, how are you today?".....nothing. We are a little closer and the member who was with us walks a little closer, makes eye contact and asks "how are you doin'?"... nothing. She stares and looks away. So we brush it off and get to the lady's door. We knock and wait. We knock again. About that time we see the silent lady walking towards the door we were at. Turns out she lives next door. I say Hi one more time to which she goes "ROT IN HELL!" and slams the door and locks it! BAhaha It took all I had not to laugh. I think I did pretty good. We write a note for our Less active who was not home and the member we were with goes "We should write her a note" "ummm.. not so sure that's a good idea." "Come on. Let's do it." We write on this note "You are a beloved daughter of God" and walk away. We try to contact a few more people and finally we were walking our member home and the silent lady walks past us with her laundry. a few steps later she turns around and FLIPS US OFF! Hahaha. I don't know why I think it's SO funny but it's just like how can you be so upset with someone who has never done anything to you? It makes me want to know the story. 

To end my birthday we went to a less actives house and had a "fake" 21st Birthday with IBC Cream Soda and Sparkling Apple Cider Martinellis on the back of his pick up. It was SO much fun and then of course it got more serious and we taught a lesson about Christ and what he's meant in our lives and how we can't wait to see him in the temple. He agreed to start working towards the temple that night. It was perfect.

Then for the sad part. Sister Ash finished her mission and is on her flight home to Wyoming as I type. I already miss her so much. Last night we dropped her off in Sparks and that was the end. She is an amazing sister and she has served so well during her 18 months. She has made such a difference in the lives of the people here and for me. 

I am now with the STLs and it's kinda strange because it's been made obvious to me by multiple leaders that it is more like they cover their area and I am more of the single sister over Hot Springs and am just waiting for my new companion who should come at the transfer in four weeks. But we will live it up as a trio for now.

It's funny. We are the beginning of a joke now. A blonde, a brunette, and a red head!

Goodbye Time

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