Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Happy Birthday Sister Liddle! 5/4/2015

It's been a long week, because so much has happened. As of this week, we have THREE investigators with a baptismal date and another person that agreed top the soft commitment! Three with a date was what Sister Harris and I were working for the whole time we were companions. When I went to write on our board the date Lori Wise agreed to and saw that we have finally achieved our goal, I began to cry and immediately had to say a prayer. I have been so filled with gratitude that the Lord is trusting us with these people to teach and bring closer to God. I've been thinking a lot about the scripture "whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain" (Matt 5:41). I have to think that God takes this advice. When we ask him for something in faith, he gives us what we ask and then some more. 

Our ward, due to the size and we just did a month fast in January, adjusted the fast to be a 30 day fast. On May 1st, the day the fast ended, we tried seeing people all day. Even our most solid appointments and solid backups fell through. No one was home. We had only one other lesson the whole day. If that doesn't strengthen your testimony on the power of fasting I don't know what will. I feel like it was a very strong message to make sure I knew all the success had been, in reality, due to the faith of others and our own. The days following were normal again, but I was very amazed by that.

ALL the crazy things happened. For Sister Liddle's Birthday, we got the black/tiwi boxes. They aren't too bad.They give you like generous "grace period" before they yell at you. But the traffic getting to Reno was insane. We got lost. During our time there we almost got hit 3 times. We have a new investigator that agreed softly to baptism. Then, this lady, Lori. She is awesome. She just knows this is the path for her. We only taught a Restoration overview while we were eating our dinner and she was like, "I know this is the path, what is the next step?". We say baptism. She is aiming for as soon as she possibly can. She is awesome. We have three amazing people with a date and a solid teaching pool. We are busy.

Funny/Awkward Moments:
-Sister Liddle turned 20, but her mom thought she turned 21. After laughing about this in the car for a while, we stop to get gas. A 25 year old guy tells us that he's a member of our church and starts chatting with us. I only realize it's a lie when he motions to my companion and asks if she's my little sister. I laugh thinking it was a play on her name. "Close! She's my Sister Liddle!" and then "Oh! I thought she was like 13!". "umm.. no." Then he brings up dating and I'm like "We don't date. BYE!". This was probably one of the most awkward encounters for both of us in our entire mission. Weird.
-This lady gave me a shirt! It didn't fit perfectly but when I tried it on she yells "fit's you better than me! It's yours now!" Then she makes me wear it right then and there! haha. I love her. Here's a picture it happened while on exchanges so I got to surprise Sister Liddle :)

Inline image 2

It's been a great week. Love you all!

My Goodbye to Sister Harris. On her last morning we hiked the L for our morning exercise in our Awesome Lovelock Shirts!

Sister Liddle and I on our "Taking the long way through Unionville to District Meeting" trip

Our "We had to shower because we were covered in horse poop" Face


Driving back from our trip to the Lovelock Caves, Sister Liddle and I saw a JUMBO tumbleweed crossing the road. Naturally we pulled over to take the picture. It's as big as me!

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