Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Holy Hot Cakes: 6/29/2015

This week has been hot. Really hot. And there was rain so a little humid hot. Our car temperature gauge read 110 degrees this week and over 100 was just expected. Since we've been working on dropping people who really aren't moving forward and progressing, we were out finding in it. Here is a good summary of our week:
*Two O'clock in the blisteringly hot sun (107 degrees), we walk onto the property of a less active member and over the overgrown weeds to the front door. We knock. Nothing. We knock again and hear a faint voice in the distant and aren't sure whether they are talking to us
"Uh.... Can you repeat that?"
Nothing. We stand outside a bit longer... awkwardly so. Then we hear this booming angry  voice, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!" 
"Hi, we are the missionaries from your wife's church. Is this somebody someone's house"
A larger man walks around with a big scowl on his face.
"Uh.... because it's your front door?"
"Okay, sorry about that"
"Well, my wife has blood clots in her leg and is not taking visitors right now and I'm taking a ciesta see. So, we are not taking visitors right now." 
*Man walks inside and slams door. We shrug our shoulders and walk back to our air conditioned car.
Yeah.. that's a good summary of our week. But it's been really good too. We are finishing up the lessons for a lady's baptism this week! The whole experience with her has been neat to be a part of. We love her so much. This work is amazing and great! The good moments always make up for the bad ones. You forget the bad days but you never forget the good ones.
This week I've really been thinking about how we are drop (or don't visit as often) those who are not keeping commitments that we leave with them. A few weeks back a missionary at his homecoming said "I have to be progressing". This has made me think about how I can't be a progressing investigator, but am I a progressing missionary? Am I a progressing daughter of God? If God was leaving commitments with me, what would they be and would I be keeping them? Then I ran into this Preach My Gospel quote by Boyd K. Packer

"'If we do not heed the gentle feeling, the Spirit will withdraw and wait until we come seeking and listening and say in our manner and expression, like Samuel of ancient times, ‘Speak [Lord], for thy servant heareth.’ (1 Sam. 3:10.)” (“The Candle of the Lord,” Ensign, Jan. 1983, 53).
The Lord does do what we do in a way. When we don't listen he has to step back, but the second we come seeking him and willing to change he is there to help us and we will be granted a greater portion of His spirit which brings us happiness.
Well, I hope you all have a great week! Stay cool ;)

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