Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Independence Day from Sin & Transfers: 7/6/2015

Lori's baptism was amazing and truly special. It was on the fourth of July and we kept calling it "Independence day from Sin". She always talks about how she has been searching for 46  years for a church who tells her the truth and answers her questions and now she knows her search is over. Something she said that truely touched me in her testimony at the baptism is "For the first time I feel comfortable in my own skin, I feel comfortable in my own house and that is something for a person like me". She was confirmed yesterday and she has just been beaming. Yesterday I turn to her and say "I don't know if this is weird, but you LOOK brighter!" "What do you mean?" "You just look like a massive load of burdens and darkness has been lifted from you."

To this she said, "That's because it has. Do you know how much darkness has been in my life? And now, it is ALL gone. It's gone and I have a new life."

We absolutely love her. It's because of people like Lori that missionaries are sent out. There are those in darkness searching and needing the light. It was a perfect ending to the wonderful time I have spent in Lovelock.
Transfer calls were last night. Turns out they are sending me to the Hot Springs ward in Carson City! It is in the same zone as Gardnerville and I have actually been on exchanges there! From what I remember it's a fast pace and energetic area. My companion is Sister Ash and I've only met her in passing a few times, but I hear she is amazing. Unless there are multiple Sister Ash's, this is her last transfer and I plan to make it count :)

I love this work and can't wait to see what the Lord holds in store. Hope you all have a great week :)

Another BIG thing from this week was we met the New Mission President and his wife! They are SO cute and I fell instantly in love. They are so nice and fun. Everyone got to take pictures. So, here is President and Sister Chesnut!

​Another Big Thing (in size but not importance) We found a GIANT cactus. Sister Liddle kept saying it was real and I kept shaking my  head "No.. way!" Finally I got the nerve to touch it. Definitely metal. But it is still cool. There is just a giant cactus in the middle of nowhere!

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