Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sister Liddle's Welcome to Lovelock: 4/20/15

I have almost no time to write, But I have to tell you about my week.

It's been a change not having Sister Harris here anymore. I've been amazed at the miracles the Lord has blessed us with from being able to fit everything into Sister Harris's suitcase to having a loved investigator progress to making the step of baptism and acknowledging how much her faith has grown. It has been a good week.

My new Companion is Sister Liddle from Texas. We were able to be friends from day 1. Mainly over the fact that we own a blue chair and... long story short.. "Blue Chair" is kinda a missionary joke due to our missionary training videos. We made a name tag for our chair and took picture. And thus we became great friends and the missionary work took off.

The craziest thing: we mucked a donkey and horse stall this week. I also learned how to makea T-Post fence, because I made one. Out of the three girls, I was the tallest and therefore the one to work the device. (What? Your a midget.) Yeah, guess not.

I'll write more and send pictures next week. Love you all!

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