Monday, March 16, 2015

Worm Status: HALFWAY: 9/22/14

I have spent most of my computer time looking at pictures and now I have to go. 


I hit my Halfway mark this week! I have been out 9 Months!

I learned how to use a floor buffer. It's dang hard. You have to be pretty buff to work them.

The New Spanish elder in our area in a greenie straight for the training center: that's fun

Elder Lawrence of the seventy came and gave awesome talks at our stake conference about Light and Darkness. "Success or Failure in this life depends on how much light we gain". Very interesting. 

Wish I could write more but I am a worm. To all the Family in Disney World, I hope you all have fun! To everyone, send pictures and letters! I may not be the best at responding but I love to hear from people :)

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