Monday, March 16, 2015

Love-a-mucca Mountain: 3/16/14

Guess what. My entire family wrote me physical letters this week. That has NEVER happened! Record set!

This week we drove to zone/district meeting. For who understand why this is crazy, our zone is also the district. It consists of 5 companionship. We meet in Winnemucca which is about an hour and a half away. There's us from Lovelock, 3 sets from Winnemucca, and one set from Battle mountain. Before I came they asked President if we could officially change the zone name from Winnemucca Zone to Lovamucca Mountain Zone. The answer was no, but the name remains.

 Second week back and it only gets better. I feel less like I'm here as the guest missionary, and more like I am here for good. It's still weird that my companion knows people I don't, but this week I know people too! I feel extremely blessed. It's a great place. When I was home and thinking about how easy it would be not to come back I kept on thinking about all the amazing people I've been able to help so far and knew there were still people for me to find and teach. I think I found at least one of them this week. I love our little Autumn. She is nine and she CRAVES the gospel. She has read all 6 pamphlets that she borrowed from her sister who is a recent convert. The pamphlets are so marked up and she asks us every time we leave "can you come back tomorrow" or if earlier in the day "can you come back tonight?". Even when her family didn't come, she made her brother walk her to church. On Thursday she ran up and clinged onto my arm and said "You are my best friend!".

Fun Things about the Lovelock area:
-We cover Burning Man! It should be a crazy summer if I am still here.
-The jail with OJ Simpson is in the area. Yes, we technically get revelation for him! That is, if we went to the prison which we are not allowed to do.
-Thunder Mountain: It's a nation park thing.... It's a house made out of "White Man's Junk" Look it up!
-Rye Patch: It looks like it should be a HUGE town but there is just roads and roads with nothing on them except a random house every once and a while.
-There is Sulfur mining here. Every once in a while it smells a little funky.
-There is a road in our area call "Horse S*** Canyon". Yes. That's a thing. 

Well, I hope you all have a great week. We are looking forward to Easter and being able to talk to people about Christ and what he did a lot more. I love it here. I hope everyone is doing great :) Have a great week!

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