Monday, March 30, 2015

Matches, Hippies, and Toilets: 3/30/15

This has been a crazy random week of randomness! Kinda hilarious. My favorite story...

When we leave Walmart, there are always homeless people on the corner where we turn. Since we don't have much money, we always give them something from our groceries (usually an apple). That day we had Reese Mini Eggs. The pair of beggars on the corner were quite appreciative as I threw them for the catching shouting "EASTER BASKET!!!!!!". As one thanked me, the other shouted "MAAAATCHES!". I wish I could record it for you. It was less human and more of a screech from a baby bird. He repeated "MAAATCHES!" Random happenstance: we had just bought a ton of matches, because our last trip to Walmart the Elders couldn't find the matches and they were only a dollar. So I say, "Do you need matches? Are you saying matches?". The normal response would have been a yes or no. Obviously I couldn't understand him, but instead he just screeches again, "MAAATCHES!" with a little more vigor than before. So I respond, "Well, I can get you matches!" I get out to access the trunk where the matches. The other guy that actually spoke in fullish sentences walks up to get the matches. Suddenly he sounded like he was tripping out looking at the back of our car "Woooooaaaahhh... you guys are Hippies!"
Me: No.... We're MISSIONARIES!
Matches guy: SAME THING!!!
Other guy: Haha.. yeah.

Maybe a better missionary would have left them with a pamphlet or something, but we decided to cut our losses and head off with a brief Have a nice day. 

Other Random Things:
-Our toilet was from 1943, developed dementia, and forgot how to flush. It would instead just spin in circles. We got a new toilet this week after much frustration and a few references to the Bog of Eternal Stench 
-The new toilet works. It does however sound like the Lost monster is living in our pipes after every flush. Sister Harris speculates that we may have Jurassic Park down there as well.
-A baby danced while we sang Lead Kindly Light
-My MTC companion and another MTC college aka Sister Irwin and Rogers were hading to Reno and got permission to see me. As our district/zone waited for the mission president and wife to arrive, they ran out of nowhere, sister Irwin slipped and fell, and tackled me. I didn't understand why at the moment, but it made me so happy :)
-We ran a 5k as part of our interviews with president..on grass.. I died. Not realy. I actually ran most of it. The next two days were a wee bit intense.
-We waited two hours for the Swan Man with Al because he was going to buys us ice cream bars.. but the Swan Man never came. Bummer.
-Al goes by Alligator! Oh, the irony. One day we will show him our golden investigator. We are actually going back to teach him.
-His friend was named Skeeter. You'd think we were teaching in a swamp! They were super nice and awesome people.
- Last but not least, someone payed for our groceries at Walmart! It was very very nice. It did freak us out a little at first because his approach was "I don't mean to freak you out by following you, but are you about to check out" and we weren't done yet and we didn't understand what he was getting at. Awks. But he is such a nice guy and we were very grateful. His daughter had served a mission and he just wanted to do a good deed. He made us get something to treat ourselves. That's when I got the reese eggs. Side note: the white ones are delicious.

That's been our week! The work has been blooming and awesome as well. I cannot complain there :) The Easter season is awesome as a missionary. The church out out a cool new video about Easter called Because He Lives and the website explains all he did leading up to Resurrection Sunday. I fully recommend checking it out.

I hope you all have a great week :) Love you!

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