Monday, March 16, 2015

Back Again: Lovelocked: 3/9/15

For those who may not have got the memo and have been wondering what happened to the weekly emails I was sending, I guess I should address that. I just re-read my last mass email and I laughed a lot. I briefly mentioned I wasn't feeling good that week. The next week was even worse, and I got sent home for exploratory surgery. They found out it was a bladder condition as well as another thing that cause my body to mimic labor contractions for two weeks. I got treated for both of them and after 4 and a half months, I'M BACK!

It was crazy getting back. I missed my connection to Reno and had to fly standby. The 5 o'clock flight was oversold and I was 10th in line for a spot. You could only imagine my surprise when I was watching the monitor after everyone was on and I see that I am #6 on the standby list and #5 had got a spot. As a shot in the dark, I walked up to the counter and explained I was next in line and asked if there was any point of waiting around while they finished boarding--there was one seat left on the plan. It was a weird mixture of excitement and disbelief and nervousness as the gate attendant handed me my boarding pass. I guess the Lord was watching over me and didn't want me flying until 10:30 that night.

Once we landed, it felt like coming home. At the transfer meeting, they reintroduced me and announced that I came back from a medical leave. I didn't think I knew very many people in the crowd, but enough people knew about me and it was one of the loudest cheers I've ever gotten in my life. Then they announced I would be companions with Sister Harris! Sister Harris was in the other district at the MTC and we came out together! We didn't know each other super well. Our relationship mostly consisted of seeing them and screaming "RENO SISTERS!" and going on our merry way. But I always though she was awesome. Now I know it. On the drive from the airport I discovered that Wells area was closed. It broke my heart. All my hopes of going back were crushed. So, when I leaned over and whispered in Sister Harris's ear "So... Where are we going?" and she said Lovelock, I screamed! 1,000 people living in a town in the middle of nowhere, nothing else for 45 mins away--I can do that! 

Lovelock is constantly reminding me of Wells. I've grown quite fond of it. It's not quite the same, but it's real close. I'm loving it.

It's weird being in an area where my companion actually knows people. It's weird not starting from scratch. I've never had a normal transfer. I like being double transfered place because everything that the area is, you have created. But I won't lie, it's nice coming in and already having lessons and appointments.

The first day back, I did wonder if I remembered everything and if I'd be able to just jump right back in. The first day was the acid test if I ever saw one. We had 6 appointments and 5 that went through. We taught someone with a baptism date, contacted people on the street, invited a lady to be baptized, saw a less active member, followed up on a referral, saw recent converts. The whole slew of people you interact with as a missionary, we saw and taught that first day. I was amazed to find that when the Lord calls, he qualifies. Everything just came back and it felt natural. If anything, I felt like because I was relying on the Lord even more, I was a better missionary than when I left! The rest of the week was more of the normal pace--lessons falling through, a lot of street contacting--but I was impressed that the Lord knew I needed that first day to regain my confidence.

Sunday was weird and threw us off. In planning the night before I jokingly asked Sister Harris if we needed back up plans for church. Then the electricity went off after the sacrament and we were told to go home! Awks. In addition, we had someone that was working towards baptism tell us that he no longer wanted to convert and essentially "See you never"! After some more messaging to figure out what happened, we told him we understand and asked if we could see him again just to get some feedback and say hi. He told us he had to "weigh the consequences"..... so that's weird. We think he may got some anti literature.

Other than that, life in Lovelock has been great. There is a motel whose main selling point is "COLORED TV!". I considered joking and saying that was where I loved, but we live a cute little apartment in town.

I have had no mail because no one had my address and it's been sad, so you should really write me family and (with less obligation) friends.
I guess I will see you all in 8 months! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY LITTLE SISTER BAILEY!!!!!

Here's a picture of me and my new comp!

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