Monday, March 16, 2015

A Normal Week: 9/8/14

Not that any normal week happens on the mission. What we are doing isn't exactly normal. But, as far as missionary work goes we had a normal week this week, an awesome week this week. I won't lie, I left my planner at home and have somewhat forgot all the things that happened. We saw all the normal people and had fun. Of course there are the Lolies :) Wally called Lila on the way back from costco and asked if we were still there and said "Keep them there! I'm bringing home a rotisserie chicken." and holy cow, that was the best chicken I have ever had in my life. They really spoil us. They got gatorade and ice cream and some other things for us to take home as well. They have three dogs. DeeDee is a little overweight and eats everything.  I told them if I was one of their dogs, I would be DeeDee :) Then we also saw the Beland, Elizabeth, the Roaches! 

Weird Story/I guess we are on that level now: There's a lady and we were at her house. About 30 minutes into us being there she says "Make yourself at home, I'm gonna go take a shower!". She promptly left and took a shower and we sat there confused.

I am loving here in Gardnerville. It's fun. I still miss Wells a lot. Maybe you can't replace your first area, but I have learned to like it here a lot. I really like my companion too. It's been good.

For my message, I wanted to share something I learned. I read an article in our church magazine. It's the last page of the August 2014 Ensign( There's a member who shared an experience she had and it she a new light on a well known story. She went through a breakup and found herself feeling lonely and sad. She found comfort in the story of Mary Magdalene and the apostles finding an empty tomb. "He is not here, for he is risen" (Luke 24:5-6). That's when she realized "I was looking in the wrong place for comfort. Wallowing in the past and “yearn[ing] vainly for yesterdays” was not consoling me or motivating me to fruitful action. I realized I needed to stop looking in the tomb of past experiences."

How brilliant is that? I realized I have been there before, looking for the savior--hope and healing--in the wrong place. Only forgiveness, repentance, faith brings healing and forgiveness, repentance, faith are all in the future. Healing is heavenwards. But I've found myself not believing that. I've been as the apostles that Easter Sunday, where the words "seemed to them as idle tales, and they believed them not" (Luke 24:11). It seems unfathomable and too good to be true that the savior really can heal us from our pains, or if not heal us at least comfort us and make it bearable. But he is not found in the tomb of the past. He is never found in holding onto the past, but only found in looking forward.

Hope that everyone had just as good of a week as me. I wonder what next week will bring. we have transfer calls this week and the possibility to get moved by next Tuesday. I think I will stay but you never know! Talk to you in a week!

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