Monday, March 30, 2015

Corned Beef and Cabbage: 3/23/15

We've eaten and LOT of corned beef and cabbage. I love it. Happy St. Patricks day and Happy Birthday Dad!

For the festivities, we took our Golden Alligator Nutcracker (that we inherited via white elephant game last Saturday) and gave him a top hat and vest. our conversation last week

Sis. Harris: If we put a vest on him, do you realize what it would be?
Sis. Harris: A GOLDEN investigator!

It was a really good week. It felt a little slow, but then we look back a realized we did almost the same amount of lessons as normal. We were able to do a lot of service. There was a big wedding reception on Saturday and we happened to be at the church making copies when we saw them starting to set up on Friday. Setting up wedding receptions: another random thing that I didn't expect to learn but did learn on my mission.

Fun story!
We got an awesome referral this week. We met her (A little worried she might yell at us given the info we had) and offered service; she practically said "I have a lot of questions for you. I'm looking for a church that tells me the truth and I'm wanting to get baptized again". Walking away, we had to hold in the excitement. Once we were in the car, there was much rejoicing. I did the only reasonable thing. I started singing the Lego Movie theme song. Let me tell ya. Everything IS awesome when you are part of a team! God is great! Glad he's a team member in all of this.

On a more serious note:
I love this time of the year. We get to talk to people about Easter all the time. I love talking about Christ and all that he's done for us. One time this week, there was this man who could not grasp "What is Easter about?". We would say it's about Christ and his Sacrifice and that he was raised from the dead. But he still couldn't figure it out. "But why? Why do we celebrate?" He finally understood we went back a few steps. When Adam and Eve came into the world and took of the fruit of knowledge of good and evil, it introduced two things into the world: the ability to choose evil and physical death. Because Christ sacrificed for us, we are able to be cleansed from all the bad things that we do and we can be healed form the wounds that come from the poor choices of other. Through his resurrection, we too will be able to live again and death is not the end. Easter is the day we get to celebrate this. Then it clicked and he just started testifying of how he knows that God is real and Jesus Christ was sent here for us. Then he said "I understand. I understand." So simple, The words "I understand" and how much it means to truely understand what Christ has done for us. 

This awesome sign. It kinda makes me look like a midget but I swear the sign is just tall!
So in my first week here we were street concting and suddenly there were giant rocks in the middle of the sidewalk. It real random so naturally I took a picture with them.

Sister Harris got some green mustaches and hats from the family. I think we put them to good use

A picture of the Lovely Thunder mountain

Our Golden Investigator

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