Monday, March 16, 2015

A TV Week: 10/6/14

This week has been awesome (minus the fact that I'm sick again) because we were able to watch a lot of TV.

First off: We got to preveiw a church released film Meet the Mormons. Really it's more of meet 6 really amazing and cool people that will inspire you that there is hope in life and they happen to be Mormon. It's awesome. You will love it. I recommend watching it. It will be realeased in select theaters this weekend and then on the internet afterwards.

Then we got to watch General Conference. I have a lot of favorites like always, but I really liked Bednars talk to the nonmembers in the audience about why we don missionary work :)
I always think it's neat when they pray for the missionaries. It helps to remember that all the church is praying for missionaries like me. did you know there are over 88,000 missionaries right now? That is crazy! It makes me glad to know there is a force for good in this world.

I hope you all liked conference and it was great!

I got to go. Maybe one of these days I will write my mass email first :)

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