Monday, March 16, 2015

Facing the Music: 9/29/14

Last week was a little discouraging. This week was suppose to be a ladies Baptism. It didn't go through. So this week was a little rough too. BUT we are facing the music and going to be finding a lot. Even more then before I guess. The cold weather is coming in so we gotta do it now or else we will be hurting soon. So far not much luck, but we hope that will change soon. Blech. I dislike finding. 60%of the time you are annoying people, 30% of the time people just don't care, 8% people like you a lot but aren't interested but say you can come back, and the other 2% are people that love you and allow you to change their life. I just made up that.

We are in Carson today because our computers are down at the Gardnerville library. Our ride is coming nowish so I got to go. I don't think I replied to anyone this week so please don't be too hurt. I was only on for about 45 mins.

Love you sll and hope you have a great week!

Mission Life:
A lady with a rotten tooth tried to pull it out in front of us
A guy is actually believing in God after being agnostic
We used a toilet that had a pull string. It was awesome
Wanda wants to listen to the Book of Mormon more so a lady bought her a CD player. There was no power cord #SATAN!
Our Zone leaders got "stickerfied" at dinner and carrots thrown at them. I love Sharla
I SAW SISTER WOOD!!!!!! We had a giant service project in reno and I saw her :)

Here's a picture of me and another set of sisters before the big service project last week!

There's a picture of our shadows. I'm the far left one :)

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