Monday, August 31, 2015

A Week of Miracles: 8/31/15

I really don't want to write today but I wanted to include some highlights.

-We met this lady named Dorris. She's in the nursing home and super cute. She has us sing to her every Sunday
-This lady named Nicole made us dinner! She is so amazing and we all become quick friends. She even loves Korean Dramas. Turns out we both love Boys Over Flowers.
-Grandma Jan came out to a lesson with us!
-Do you remember the story where the car backs up to our window and sister Underly was like "We're gonna get shot!" and then I said "roll down the window! What if they want to get baptized?!?" Well, we met with them. I was right. Timothy wanted to get baptized into our church 6 months ago and just couldn't quit smoking. They are an Awesome Part Member Family. It has led to a lot of fun stories and adventures the short time we've known them!

Love you all!

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