Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Animal Farm (Sister Golding Vs. Even More Animals)

This week has been fun and crazy and fun. We moved in with the most amazing lady in the world as well as two cats, three dogs, 4 chicks, and about a dozen hens. Our member we live with shortly after the move left town for Utah leaving us on animal duty. The chickens would not get in the cage, the dogs would make messes, the cat ran away (and luckily we got him back)--It's been interesting. I think we finally got the groove down but we are quite happy Sister G is coming back tonight :)

Sister Golding vs. the Dogs. To help with Sister Haight's allergies during our lunch hour we bathed the three dogs. Sister G. told us to put them in the bath tub and use the shower head. When we finally got the 120/130 pound dog in the bath tub. We shut the shower door. There we were. Two sisters and a giant dog in the bath tub. Bode just looks up at us like "What the heck is going on?" and I just had to laugh because his expression was EXACTLY how I was feeling.

The work has been amazing this week. Samantha (one of our investigators in Carson River Ward) got baptized on Tuesday! We thought we wouldn't be able to go due to transfers, but we weren't invited to stay for the transfer meeting and went to Carson minus Sister Grandy and plus Sister Haight at noon. We surprised her! It was an amazing baptism where the spirit was so strong. Grandma Jan got confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints this week. Very tender moment. She looked so happy. We have been able to find and have started working with 3 amazing part member families this week. One of our investigators we thought may be a lost cause has turned a new page and now has a baptism date of September 26. I have a feeling this one may actually go though.

One of our more interesting stories from this week happened at a motel... I'll spare my dad the details (he told me to stop scaring him), but after an event we felt a strong prompting to knock on this door. The event kinda shook us so we were scared but the prompting was undeniable. We knocked on the door and found this most amazing 21 year old who needs this in her life right now. Our meeting was brief but perfect. We found a friend. I can't wait to continue working with her!

I know that the church is true. The grace of Jesus Christ gives us healing, forgiveness, and strength. God still talks to his people, the heavens are not closed but very open. Open because a Heavenly Father loves us and wants us to have greater access to that amazing grace. Just as God gives us a sun rise after the dark, with every second there is second chance to feel the beams of light breaking through the darkness. God has a plan. Perhaps we don't quite understand what it is, but he does and that is enough for me.

I hope you all have a great week!

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