Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Happy Labor Day: 9/7/15

Today is Sister Haight's birthday! We have plans to go to Virginia city. The lady we are living with look us up a mountain so we could run down for our morning exercise. So it has been a great start!

This week has been funny and amazing and great. One of the many reasons--I actually got letters from EVERYONE is my family! But here are some more missionary related good things:

We got a call in the middle of the day saying they were all nonmembers but needed help moving and it happened to be on split night so I went with 3 other members and we made an amazing contact! 
A man in the hospital knew one of our members and friends that worked there and asked us to come over because he's ALWAYS been interested in learning more about our church.
 We prayed with an older guy who wasn't really interested but when I asked if there was anything he wanted to be included in the prayer he said "Pray that all my buds can keep living the good life and just keep rockin baby!". 
Dorris is just the sweetest thing and is our number one fan. She even talked us into singing her two songs. She was too sick for a full lesson but we taught a short lesson on the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. 
Melinda and Timothy are really working on coming into the church and giving their lives to God. Timothy smoked his last cigarette and even bore his testimony at church! It was really neat. Of course this was AFTER the opening song. Tim may not sing the best but he does sing loud and with a lot of enthusiasm. It makes life fun. We had a lot of fun during the opening song "Scatter Sunshine" and may have gotten a few looks. 

Another Highlight: Look at who I got to see this week!

It's Sister Lolies from Gardnerville! My Gardnerville mom! It was a breif visit but it was so nice to see her again. One of the Elders that replaced me the transfer a few weeks after I was sent home was there as well. She is such a sweet lady AND she said she gets her temple recommend in a month. I am so ecstatic! 

I love you all and hope you have a great week! I know that through Christ it is possible for everyone to change and become better. That is something I've seen over and over again both in the life of others and myself. I'm grateful for charity, the pure love of Christ--Love for Christ, Love from Christ, and being able to love like Christ. The scriptures tell us that without charity we are nothing. But then the opposite must be true, with charity we can be everything.

Our hike this morning

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