Sunday, October 11, 2015

New Companions and General Conference Weekend: 10/5/15

This is my new companion Sister Keil (pronounced Sister Kyle. It's German). One of the first things she said to me was "Do you think my rollerblades allowed? Will they fit in the car?" HAHAHA. Then I just pulled out the camera and said "We got to take our first selfie with the blades!" and that's a good summary of the week. Life has become significantly more hilarious with her around. Here are some of our funny moments:

-Random referral contact for Paula and Butch Baker. A man answers the door.
"Hi, are you Butch?"
(man totally confuse)"what???"
"Hi.. Are you Buuutch?"
(Man disgusted) "Excuse me!!!!!!!"
"No, no, like Paula and Butch Baker!!!"
"Oh, you are those guys that keep leaving those sticky notes! No, they moved away"
Moral of story, I asked a man if he was butch. Haha. Not a good door contact.
-We had a less active give us a Costco case of brownies. So much! We were running to an appointment but someone SUPER excitedly waves to us so we had to stop. We had a quick conversation and offered him a brownie. Before we walked over this guy quickly got in his car to avoid us. Obviously he had watched everything go down and in total disbelief and outrage he exclaims to himself "What the HECK! What do I need to do to talk to two fine ladies and get a brownie!!!!!!" Naturally we had to talk to him too!  

There's a lot more, but I would like to take a moment to talk about Conference. This week we got to hear from the Prophet and Apostles. During the last 6 months three have passed on. I think this was the first conference I was aware and knew the apostles that have passed on and realized the significance of the calling of three new apostles. It was very touching. A sober spirit persisted through the whole conference.

  Something from conference I intend on applying: Elder Lawrence's and Hale's challenge to ask "What Lack I Yet" and then act on what is received. It's a scary concept  because I know I lack and there's a lot. However, (as one of them mentioned) the Holy Ghost knows what we can handle and probably won't ask us to be perfect all at once. I know he can tell me what the next step is. I also plan on ponderizing. I got my scripture and everything--Helaman 5:43
My favorite line from conference was from Elder Hale--"Because of the Atonement, the power is in you". I would like to add the power is already in you. Christ suffered. He already payed that price. Through him we already have the power in us to change. We already have the power to be healed. We already have the power to do all that is required of us, because he did all that was required of Him.

Hope you all have a great week!

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