Thursday, April 17, 2014

Cats and Dogs: 3/31/2014

I got my first mission dog bite this week. This picture does NOT do it any justice, but it's right there on my arm. Now I have my first mission battle wound! We were going up to visit a new investigator that told us we could drop by anytime on Saturday. We did and their dogs were out. They had told us they were harmless. The bigger dog came up. Sister Wood was apprehensive but I went up and pet it. The dog seemed so nice. It even snuggled up to me a bit. then we went and knocked on the door. No answer. We knock again. We see the lady peek though the blinds and then ignore us (Benefit of the doubt: she struggles with English and maybe didn't want to answer without her husband there)--No answer. I turn to leave and the dog was still watching us. It didn't bark or anything. Out of nowhere it jumps and digs it's teeth into my arm like a little vampire! I said Ouch pretty loudly and then "stupid dog" then the dog started just walking next to me like nothing happened. I just started walking like normal back through the gate. I look back and sister Wood is terrified. She may or may not have pepper sprayed their dog. The dog didn't do anything. He was just chillin'.  Sister Wood walked the long way to the car to avoid him though. It broke the skin a little bit though my jacket but mostly he just left a nasty bruise. Don't worry. I don't have rabies.... yet. :) haha. No, don't worry. You see how tiny it is.

Other story, we went to Elko for exchanges with the STLs. I did my first street contacting. At one point there was a cat that had made itself home in a random house. The family was kicking it out when we walked by. When we were done talking to them the cat started to follow us. It trailed behind us for about 5 blocks. A good hour or so. It wanted to be by us, but it didn't want to be touched or noticed. Every time we would try to take a picture of it following us, it would stop or go off to the side. Here's one of such pictures. I'm in the middle of yelling at it. After we walked a block and put away the camera, we hear it meowing at us. It had gotten inside this persons yard and couldn't get past the gate. It was his own fault for not letting us take a picture!

In general, The week has been good. We are still loving it here in wells. Every time we go out to Elko, we get off the freeway and come back into Wells and there is a sigh of relief because it's just like coming home. We are doing a lot of good here and we hope to keep it up. 

Bishop pulled us into his office so we could update him on everything that's been going on and how the ward could help. Near the end he starts getting all teary in his good eye and he says in his little cowboy accent, "I just love you guys and I am so glad you've been sent here to us. I love you two and I love your parents for raising such wonderful young ladies. You are an incredible contribution to this ward and this community". I don't know if it's deserved. Whatever good we do is generally not by our own ability. But I do love being a missionary. Perhaps we aren't the typical missionaries hunting people down and leaving pamphlets, but we just meet people and find out their needs and help them. A lot of times they just need a listening ear and some hope. We aren't the missionaries our Sister Training Leaders are, but we are exactly what this town needs at this time and we see miracles every day. 

I hope all of you are doing well. Remember that there is someone who knows you perfectly who is always there for you. He's not some estranged figure, but he is the father of our spirits--who we essentially are--and he is a friend. I know he laughs at me all the time because he is always putting me in funny situations. I'm glad he does because that means I always have a funny story to tell. Have a great week!

Also, look how huge my area is (upper right of the highlighted yellow part which shows our mission boundaries)! We did the math. I'm not sure how accurate it is, but we calculated that it's approximately 8,000 square miles. It's the portion outlined in pencil. The blue outline was from when I was just estimating how big our area was. I was off by quite a bit. The break in the area is the dividing line between the Wells ward and the Ruby Valley branch we cover. Pretty Crazy.

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