Thursday, April 24, 2014

Merry Easter and a Happy New Spring! - April 21, 2014

This week has been all over the place! I don't even know what to write. It's been crazy.
 First of all it's been a great week despite everything. I feel so positive about everything in general. Tired beyond all belief but definitely positive! 

Here are the things that happened:The Sister Training Leaders came for exchanges. I thought it was okay, but as we revisited everyone we talked to, they were extremely offended by how the STLs acted. We managed to sooth things over with some effort and promising not to bring them back.

One convo with the STLs and one of our people:
Less Active who is a cop: Sorry if I smell like dead body. I had to clean up a dead guy today.
Stl: Did you teach 'em?
LA: .................................HUH?
STL: Did you teach 'em the gospel?
LA: ..................THE DEAD BODY!
STL: No, the family?
La: There was no one there! He was dead!

 We had two amazing lessons with relatively new investigators during the only day we were in our area with just Sister Wood and I to make up for everything. Then Sister wood left for a training in Reno and I was with a Sister who has been out two weeks in her area, which was an experience of being lost and doing the best that we could. It was like reliving my first few weeks of the mission on the other side. Then we met up with the cars coming back from Reno at the church. After the elders who took our car made it smell like boy and locked their bikes to our car and couldn't get them off for 2 hours (they finally broke our bike rack lock thingy and took them off. President wrote a mass letter to the mission because of it) and and we spent a good 45 minutes tracking our missionary supplies down (because a different Elder took that out of our car for some reason), we finally made it back home to Wells. Then we had an awesome Easter with some members in the ward that we feel like are family! We probably could have eaten with 10 different families, but we only ended up seeing 4. 

Which brings me to the most important thing I've been feeling this week: I feel at home in Wells with Sister Wood. I just feel so comfortable here. I'm doing the work and working hard, but I feel like I belong here. We just mesh with this community and together. Everything feels so natural and Home-y. It was fun being in Spring Creek and all, but when I got back it was like when I went to sleep overs as a kid and finally got back to my home where I felt like I could just relax and be myself and tired from the adventure. It was a good adventure being in Spring Creek and I had a wonderful time with Sister Grandy, but Wells is Home. Sister Wood is home. It's so nice to just have us back here again! I'm loving it.

Other thing: I was absolutely shocked how many people did not know why we celebrate Easter! Even a few members were like "I get it confused. Are we celebrating his birth?" I guess some people don't even get Christmas! Regardless, watch this video because it sums up everything I would ever want to say in about 2 awesome minutes.
Because of Him or go to the site that has the video on it
It's epic.

So speaking of teaching dead bodies.... This week after the STLs left and we went out to dinner in Deeth, we drove by this house. Then Sister wood and I look at each other in disgust and she says "Was that.......?" I nod my head and say "That's demented!" 

So we turn around and do the only logical thing. We teach the hung stuffed animal bunny about the gospel of Jesus Christ

Have a great week!

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