Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Week of Service: 4/14/14

I was going to write an amazing email, but I'm really feeling like a bum today. I don't even want to write anything. But then I would regret it in the future so... sigh. Okay, bucklin' down.
For how my week went, it has been a great week I feel. the weather was beautiful this week and we were able to do a lot of service. We did everything from household chores to helping people move. We have lots of balls in the air that will hopefully drop and get rolling soon. At the beginning of the week I was feeling kinda down and impatient with how slow everything is moving. I just wanted the balls to drop and I wanted so badly to see the results of our efforts. But then Brother Monroe told us that we were here for the Tyteas and how much our two visits with them has changed them and how for five years they have been asking missionaries to work with them and it never worked out. We didn't even realize we had made a difference there. I guess you just never know how the small things you do have big impacts on others. I saw the quote from Preach my Gospel that says to leave your area better than when you found it. As I got thinking about how the area was when we first got here to what it is now, I started to see all the miracles and how far people have come since we first met them and how much the attitude of the members and town has changed towards missionaries. I've been very grateful for all the small things that we have seen since we got here. By small and simple things are great things brought to pass I suppose.

Our favorite service this week was when we pulled up to Jenny's house and she rides up from the field on an ATV wearing rain boots. We ask her what she is doing. "I'm mucking stalls". Sister Wood, the little cowgirl is shaking in her toms with excitement, "Can we help?!?!?!?!". Jenny looks at us apprehensively and says "If you want to!". I turn to sister wood and say "k! Let's go back and get in our jeans!" Nope! we did it in our skirts!

My Preach My Gospel Moment: I have been going through the principles of each lesson in depth. I love the order that the lessons are taught in. It is truly inspired. In lesson 1, the first principle is God Loves Us. It is so beautiful. Everything goes back to it. How can you teach anything else without first teaching God's profound and deep love for everyone of us. It is not determined on what we do or who we are, it is just there. Everything else stems from this love. Nothing should be taught unless it is a message of love. How can you gain a relationship with God unless you first understand the nature of God. I have sung "I am a Child Of God" since I was a young child, but sometimes I still forget it. He isn't some mystical being, He is the father of my spirit--who I essentially am--and He knows me and loves me because He created me and knows my potential.  Nothing else makes sense without this simple truth. Why would God care to give us anything and why would we follow Him if it wasn't for love?

Our motel is currently under renovation. They took off the shingles the other day so it's been looking like this for.. about the whole week. We got back from our early morning run and just started laughing at how our humble abode is looking. I'm sure it will look amazing when it's done but for now…

We went up to Ruby Valley this weekend and taught a lesson in Sunday School (Note: this is the first time teaching a big kid lesson) It went really well, minus a guy who took up half the time because he thinks a lot of himself and made everyone a little upset. While we were there we realized we had a lot of work there as well and we will (after next week) will spend a day down there every week. It is truly the middle of nowhere. There isn't even a gas station for 50 miles, but it is so incredibly beautiful down there. 
It's also very windy. Since I didn't have a picture and we came to a beautiful stop we got out to take a picture.

We tried to take a picture but... uh... the wind.

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