Thursday, April 17, 2014

Don't Fall Asleep or You Will Be Slipper Slapped: 4/7/14

General Conference was so incredibly good. I loved it so much but before we get in there I figured I should tell y'all about my week.

First things first: WE MOVED! We are now in a different renovated room in our motel. The Egburts have fixed up this room so nicely. Our view from our room is now the brothels and train but... even though we are closer... it is quieter for some reason. It is so much nicer.

The highlight of our proselyting week is when we went to see our lady who calls us her gypsies and we found out... METROPOLIS USE TO BE HUGE! I thought it was ironically named, but it use to be a big city/train stop before the great depression and drought claimed it. They brought out pictures and it use to have a giant five star hotel and a three story school house. And there is still remnants of pavement we have never noticed. Snuff, her son, took us on a tour out to where the last run down bits of the hotel and school are and we walked around. Here are pictures from the school house.

Highlight of the week was of course General Conference which is where the leaders of the church--the prophet and the apostles--speak to the church as a whole. It is done in two hour sessions. We spent every session with a different person and every session we were with people we love!

It typical fashion we gathered around the TV and watched in our comfy clothes with a blanket and pillow. I took TONS of notes. However at one of the houses we were at the teenagers in the family got a little too cozy and where feeling the "comforter" a little too much and (in typical fashion) fell asleep. To combat this habit the mom got herself a spray bottle to wake them up. However, she decided at one point to get out her slipper and teasingly slapped them to wake up! hahaha. Then the kids were complaining "But Dad's sleeping!!!" to which she took off her slipper and slipper slapped the dad. He sheepishly woke up and smiled at all of us. It was pretty funny.

I loved every talk. I honestly can't choose a favorite. There's Holland's Defend your Faith talk, Eyring on leaving an inheritance of hope, Uchtdorf on gratitude (which I can already see a mormon message with it in the background), Bednar on the load, Packer's powerful testimony of Christ, President Monson on loving others. Some of the talks from members of the Seventy were my favorite as well--Zwick, Stevenson, Aidukaitis.  

What really impressed me this time around is that these men are people that we sustain as prophet, seers, and revelators. If they do what we claim them to be able to do (which I believe they do) they are the people that God has revealed things that will happen in the next few years. They probably know what calamities will come. They know what we need and how to prepare ourselves. However the prophet doesn't ask us to move to a different state, to run from the disasters which are to come, he doesn't preach of calamities and heart ache. He speaks of hope and love. 

It's amazing. I think of the pioneers of the early church. When the prophet Brigham Young told them they were moving across the plains to what would be Utah, they left. Yesterday the prophet asked us to be kind and loving to our fellow men and most importantly to our families. I was thinking which command would be harder--moving across the plains or being loving to everyone. One is a one time big decision, but the other is making a permanent change in our behavior and thought, a decision you will have to make over and over again. Loving everyone, having charity, it much much harder to actually do and accomplish. Instead of a big act of faith, it is a small act of faith you have to do over and over again. And it really hit me that above everything else that the world needs--it's not a new political reign, it's not a call to repentance, it's not better food storage--it's love. I've seen that a lot out here. There are too many people who are in need of love. 

Elder Ballard (from the Quorum of the Twelve) told us to share what we learn in Preach My Gospel (our missionary manual) with our families and have them share back what they learn. So I hope to do that soon. This week I was focusing on Christlike Attributes which is the section we use to help us become more like christ, but I hope to start from the beginning of the teaching section and focus on a principle per week. But what hit me this week that above all else, in order to represent him you must become like him. After that nothing else matters. If you want to invite people to come closer to Christ, you must follow him and become like him first. I don't think the mission will change me, but I do hope that it will refine me.

Hope you all watch at least one of my favorite. If you don't watch the whole thing, the one I would recommend to anyone--regardless of faith--is Uchtdorf's talk. It only takes 15 minutes and I swear it will be worth it.

Have a great week!

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