Monday, March 24, 2014

Dumpster Doug and other Wells moments: 3/24/14

BIGGEST NEWS OF ALL: For the first time in history (not sure if this is entirely true but we have never heard of it before) President publicly announced what was going to happen next transfer a week ahead. People from the ward told us that they had been approaching president all throughout Stake Conference telling him that he can't take us away. Bishop Myers, when we told him maybe he should slip in a $20, told us he would slip in a $100. When we joked with president about it, he leaned forward and told us that we were already staying for at least another transfer but if we kept it secret he would split the money with us! haha. Then Sister Wood was like "Wait, are you serious. Are we staying another transfer?" And he was! We are staying! He even told the Zone leaders and half the ward! 

Funny story: We made a new friend this week in Burger King. Love Wells. We originally met him at June's funeral and we ran into him in BK and we started talking, His eyes were shifty and he kept looking around. We have some new favorite quotes. 

Him: Do you know Dumpster Doug?
Me: Yeah, we briefly met him in the Post Office, he seemed really nice!
Him: Well, I don't trust him. He keeps on wantin' me to go to Twin with him to buy groceries but there's just something fishy bout him.

Then he looked us right in the eye. "Did you know there's a Chinese Spoon Mine underneath the Shell Crest Motel?" Sister Wood looks at him back and says "No way!" and he continues after looking around. "Mmhmm. And have you heard about all the FBI in town?" Sister Wood, "No, I haven't." He leans closer and points to himself. "They're takin' notes on me". Sister Wood, "And why's that?" He sits up, looks around, leans in not quites as intense and says "I've been snitchin' on people. I'm gonna take my dog and just walk down 93. I'm gonna walk my dog"

Well, it's been a few days and he's still here in town. He waves and us and smiles every time we see him though! Guess the FBI haven't got him quite yet :)

In other news this week I can truthfully claim that I rode a caterpillar (not a farming equipment, but a stuffed animal) and I fought imaginary monsters with another little kid.

I was actually sick one day and we had to go to Elko three times this week! But regardless, we still had 14 lessons (17 being the mission average)! So we were pretty happy.

I think my most profound moment was when I was sick and we were listening to a talk titled "From Catholic Priest to Mormon" and he told his conversion story and when he talked about saying goodbye, he called them "My Missionaries". And Suddenly I got all teary eyed. I recalled all the people that have called us their missionaries and one day down the line someone will talk about their missionaries and that missionary will be me. I needed that. It helped me to remember just why I'm here, because someone needs me to be their missionary.

The pictures from this week are from the service project we did/doing. We are getting new people to manage the Shell Crest and we are helping them move in and renovate. We've done a lot of painting. The first day we were over brother Lee exclaims that he doesn't want their missionaries to be running around with paint in their hair, so he bought us hats! (Sidenote: Don't judge our mess. It's a small motel room and there is nowhere else to put it)

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