Wednesday, March 5, 2014

First Baptism!: 3/3/14

Oh hey! I had a baptism this week! I don't think I ever even told you about Quinlin! He's 11. He wants to go to BYU and serve a mission..... He's so awesome. His whole family are members and they stopped going for a while when he was young. They started coming back and he was like "yeah, I want to be baptized" in the first 5 minutes of us meeting him. He's so cool.

All of his family is in Utah so, unfortunately, we weren't able to see it because they did the baptism there. However, after his interview we made sure to take pictures. He was so excited about his little pocket square! He may be one of my favorite kids on the planet. 

In typical Sister Golding fashion, it took a while to get a serious picture. Actually.. I don't think I got a good serious picture before the end. But I got a lot of goofy ones. I'll have to get the other pictures off Sister Wood's camera another day.

He's laughing at the other pictures we took here. It may be my only goodish one.

Something was happening in the hallway, but when I announced we needed another another redo because I wasn't looking Quinlin goes "yeah.. and I think I was praying.. so that's weird" and we joked about how he really took to prayer like how we taught him. So here's the Prayer picture.

Brother Uhlig tells us that we need to take a serious picture and.. well.. this happens

Finally we got his mom and get down to business.

It's been a strange funny week. Other moments:
-I drink about a half gallon of milk in 1 hour.... I won't get into that one, but it happened. I've NEVER drank that much milk in one sitting.
-We play kickball in the street with four people and a deflated yoga ball. But it was an answer to a prayer! We didn't want to knock on the door and the people we wanted to see were already outside!
-You know you are in Wells when the Bishop pulls up for Ward Basketball in a horse trailer wearing cowboy hat and boots! Love it.
-At a first lesson a member brings up polygamy (hit face with palm)..... If this lady wasn't golden for any other reason she is because that happened and she still invited us back.
-We are teaching an Atheist. It's great.
-A lady we were working with gets kicked out on street and we can't find her.
-WE GET SPOONS!!!!!!! This guy in the ward makes awesome wooden spoons and he gives us his "rejects". These spoons cost $15-30 each and we got two!

Hope everyone is having a good week! Love you all

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