Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Email 12/21/13

Hello everyone! So it looks like Saturday is my "preparation day" or day to get my personal life and stuff in order including emails!

How do I like the MTC: I absolutely love it. It is so great. I have only been here 2.5 days and I feel like I have learned so much! If I told you what we do it would sound maybe not like something you would enjoy but I love it. I think I will write my Blog on things I was surprised by here (if I have time) so stay tuned! One thing to know that's weird is I am here three weeks, not two.

I was just about to put up some pictures but I can't figure out how...

But. My first picture would be of my companion (the person I have to spend every waking hour with minus bathroom and meetings) Sister Irwin! I absolutely love her too! I was so worried I'd end up with a strict companion and teachers and they would be like "NO HAPPINESS!" but it has been so great. Me and sister Irwin are practically the same person. She's a little more shy (or so she told me) but I think being around me twenty four seven she's taken a little of my shamelessness in I do whatever where-ever. For example, we were in the bathroom by ourselves in the dorms and we started singing ZIP-A-DEE-DOO-DAH as loud as we can! We sing at least twice a day randomly. I knew we would be good friends when we went to our first meeting. The MTC president told us to take out our Missionary Handbook (rule book) which was one of the three things we were told we would need. I look down and freak out because I had grabbed our Missionary Planner. So I lean over to look at hers and I realize that she has a shocked face to and is looking at my lap. Then we look at each other during this meeting with about 700 other new missionaries and start bust laughing because we had both grabbed the wrong thing. The companionship next to us loaned us their book, so it all worked out!

Our teachers are hilarious and all for fun too! I would say our district (of 4 sisters and 6 elders, our main class) in general is pretty quiet, but between me and sister Irwin and the teachers and a few Elders everyone has really just come out of their shell and we are all super comfortable with each other and have so much fun as well as have very in depth conversations of how we have come to be Missionaries and experiences we have had with the church and how we could be better.

Our other district(made up of 8 Elders) thats in our zone (made up of two districts) is funny too! We really enjoy eating meals with them and out one class a day with them. Elder Dial can get a hard boiled egg out off it's shell by blowing on it! It's so weird to watch. I was going to put a picture of it so you would understand.

I'll include funny stories next week because I don't have time! Ack!

K bye! Love you all!

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