Monday, January 27, 2014

Another Good Hard Week: Email from 1/27/13

This week was particularly hard. One thing I've learned about Wells is that if someone isn't home, no one is home.

This week was the Cowboy Poetry Gathering, High School Basketball, and sicknesses. So if they weren't doing something out of town, they had a horrible cough, Swine flu (that's going around), Normal Flu, or pink eye.

One day we knocked on 15 doors. they open up and they just look like death. since everyone is somehow connected with the school. EVERYONE is sick.

so, we haven't been able to re-see a lot of our investigators and members who were going to take us to contact referrals had to reschedule.

But regardless, we still have been able to see miracles

Shelda: she is a less active member who is trying really hard to turn her life around. She even came to church and she is just wonderful! She loves us and the feeling is very mutual. One day we got to take her on a field trip to the church and we just sang hymns. It was super fun and also inspiring.

Laundry Mat Lessons: We ALWAYS have a random laundry mat lesson whenever we are there. People see us and often just tell us their entire life stories.Today our new investigator (who also came to church and is just so excited to learn more) came in and started chatting us up. She told us, "it's kinda weird seeing you in normal clothes and that you are real people. I view you guys as little angles just going about doing good!". And it was like... yep! that's kinda what we do! Then she left and cam back as we were praying, finishing up our companion study and she got us afterwards and asked if we could pray for her. She opened up about some problems she was having recently in her family and about her past and it was just amazing as we pulled out things we have studied and things that we could knew from being in the church that directly applied to her. Then we prayed. She wanted to start the prayer and for us to finish it. I have never heard such a sincere prayer or the spirit so strongly. By the end we were all in tears and she was like "thank you so much! I have to run but I can't wait to see you again"

Although it was a slower week, it was really good. Love the mission life!

Something to potentially keep in your prayers though, they are REALLY suffering from the lack of moisture. I'm loving the warm weather, but the people in clover valley are literally running out of water. We were drinking from bottles and they asked us (very apologetically) not to use to much

water when we wash our hands. And they are scared that they won't have crops to feed their cows. So perhaps,  just keep that in your prayers. And perhaps, remember the small blessing in your life like water. 

also, Pictures!

This perfectly describes this town:

The sunsets here are just breathtakingly gorgeous. The colors weren't really captured, but one day Sister wood and I just had to pull over and take a picture on our way to Clover Valley (Don't look too close. I forgot my badge this day.. but it was on my jacket so I had one most of the time...oops.)

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