Thursday, January 23, 2014

Lost and Found: 1/20/14

We are perpetually lost, losing things, and meeting lost people.

Monday was the worst: I lost my wallet which had... just a lot of things in it. That is still lost. Coming to terms with that. Then we looked for a house for two hours on a road that just didn't exist. Well.. it did. but it was a dirt road on a rodeo ground. Then we lost heat in our apartment and we could not get hot water.

Tuesday: We learned about a girl and boy (11 and 9) whose dad just doesn't care about them and the mom just died of cancer. They walked to church two sundays in a row from across the tracks (which is far) just to feel that peace. Then we attended a funeral for this really really great woman. She died right before we got here, but we have heard so much about her just from members and nonmembers alike. We were able to talk to a lot of people that night and to comfort them with the truths we know.

Wednesday: we got lost in Clover valley, it was our first time out there. We got lost for about an hour. NO ONE HAS ADDRESSES! so we had to count houses and also house barn combos to find where we were. There are a lot of house that are white with a red barn though. We did finally find the house we were looking for, but they had just gotten back from kimo and were too weak to talk. But fun fact: they have a dog that is almost as big as me. It was like clifford! slash bear in the big blue house. HUGE dog. We went around telling people we got attacked by a bear.

Thursday:We got lost again. This time in Starr Valley. The directions were "Go 3 miles in from turning left at the community center dirt road, take a left at the fork in the road  and we will be the second house on the left" So we follow these directions.... we end up at a ranch with a different name on it (after following a dirt road for five miles). We call them and they so nicely say "oh! did I say left? I meant right".   #ourlife

By all means the week had been a good one. Our stats are off the chart (at least for this area). Thursday we even had an investigator say they wanted to be baptized! But he was going to do that no matter who taught him. And I just was feeling down and lost and frustrated. Missionary work just wasn't what I thought it was--which is probably good--but I just wasn't sure if what I was doing was worth all that I sacrificed and all my family sacrificed to be here.

Then friday: We met Fred. And it was suddenly all worth it. It was EXACTLY why I came on a mission. Someone in so much pain, wanting so badly to change, and looking to us for relief and actually finding it!

Then saturday: We met Paul. Just a man who has had a hard life and wants to find peace and turning to us and excited to learn more. Then Fred again. Then we re-entered the house of the Hoots (who we found by accident being lost) and after everyone in town was shocked and warned us that they NEVER let anyone in there doors. She was SO mad we were there. But it ended in us hugging the woman and being invited back to perform service!

Then sunday: we met our Ruby Valley branch, we DIDN"T get lost, and eveyone we met was just telling us how they could tell that we weren't here to mess around, we have a great companionship and they could tell, and we were good teachers and teach well together. When we turned in our stats our zone leaders called us back to say how good they were and a text this morning to re-emphasize. I mean compliments aren't neccesary, but when they come so frequently so unsolicited it is nice to hear. It's nice to know all the hard work and effort we put into being obedient and loving and following our purpose do make a noticeable difference. We also met a man from Hawaii (hello connection!) who was interested in learning more and coming to church again and we met with one of our investigators who just opened up her soul to us.

It was a hard week, but it is worth it. It was a good week. I love the mission. I love this opportunity to touch so many lives--to serve both temporally and spiritually. I hope that I can keep it up. Thank goodness for P-day!

Love you all! Have a good week!

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