Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Email from 1/4/13

Time is short because I've been spending too much time responding to individualized emails. There is just NEVER enough time. But a few highlights of the week.

Saying goodbye to district 43a: Um.. well that explains it. It was so sad and strange because we could even hug the other elders good bye. It was weird being in the MTC without them. luckily we got a whole new batch of people though. this time there are 3 other sisters and it's been fun having them in the dorms with us!

new Years eve; sister irwin's family sent a party package of noise makers and candy and hats. AND when sister Irwin and I went to get drinks from the lower vending machines we caught sight of fireworks and we grabbed the other sisters and watch these go off through a window at 10:30! Then (because we decided to not entirely break curfew) we counted down to 11pm and went to bed. it was great.

in-feild orientation; I wish I could copy and paste my journal, but let's just say I learned a lot and made a fool out of myself a lot. my favorite activity was "Being Normal" in which we practiced going up to random people (aka other missionaries) and have NORMAL conversations. hahaha. I think the funniest part were the people that really just struggled with this. It was just a weird concept to some people. One sister that practiced on me was like trying to convert me after two second and she talked with REALLY big eyes super close to my face.

Pretty much throughout the entire week, all I can think about--as I look around at myself and all the other 18-22 year old missionaries that are around me--is what was said to me the first day I was here, "if this church wasn't true, the missionaries would have screwed it up a long time ago."

I'm so glad that i do know it's true. I could never prove it to anyone, but I know it it like how I know when I am happy or sad. I know that the things I say when teaching are never my own words but come from a source that is much greater than I. I am still just so grateful to be here.

hey Marah, are you excited to get out in the field--you leave tuesday!?! Yes, and no. I'm not sure who i am going to be as a missionary in the real world. I know my inadequacies and fears. I'm scared, but I'm ready to leave and i know the Lord will sustain me through all of my fears. I've decided a long time ago to choose faith over fear. I know I am watched after and I am in good hands. i know people will choose to reject me, but I know that is because the Lord was rejected first and who am I to say I am greater than he? But I know that the Church of Jesus Christ is the restored church of  God, i know that the precepts taught by it can provide comfort to ANY situation, i know that living a christ centered life will bring happiness and light to a persons life.

love you all! Send mail! Tuesday morning I leave. the address I have until next week is the mission home address. its:

Sister Marah Golding
nevada reno mission
1146 prater way

sparks, nv 89431

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