Saturday, December 21, 2013

Things I Was Surprised By At The MTC

1. It is not boot camp. Yes, there are a lot of rules, but no one is enforcing them. You do.

2.The teachers are so nice and funny, but they don;'t have planned lessons. They have topics and facilitate discussion. The scriptures and the spirit are the real teachers

3. The people are nice. I expected this, but perhaps not to this extent!

4. If I am walking to the door and an Elder see this. They wait (up to about a minute a few times) to open the door for us.

5. We have a lot of lag time between things, but we have so much to do. I feel like I have so much free time and I am so busy all at the same time!

6. We teach and we teach on day one! then we plan and study and teach again! I enjoy it.

7. I really really like it here!

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