Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Farewell and Thank You Whoever!

(Pre-note: The title is a musical reference. Not meant to undermine my farewells and thank yous)

Well. I was going to go though a list of people I said goodbye to and post pictures of these goodbyes, but I have ran out of time. But, I will miss (probably) miss everyone who misses me and then some! So goodbye! I wish I had more time to say goodbye to more people, but if I had a chance to talk to you or see you before I left--I am so glad that happened!

Funniest Goodbyes
  • McCall: Of course I'm gonna hug you goodbye, Loser!
  • (after trying to say goodbye for over an hour)
Marah: Well... PArty peeps!
Lauren: hahaha, Party peeps!
  • My little sister, Bailey starts to walk away from the security checkline and I blow her a kiss to which she gives me the "Katniss volunteers" sign and sends me a text saying "I volunteer as tribute!". 

And Now Some Thank Yous
I just wanted to thank everyone  who has supported me during this time and has helped me get where I am right now. Whether that is helping to pay for this adventure, telling me how excited you are for me, or just contributing to my life as a human being does by being my friend.

But Seriously, thank you!

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