Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Nothing to Lose: 8/4/14

I can hardly remember what happened this week. I know it was a good one. a few minor disappointments but mostly exponential growth and improvement  with all those we are working with and the area. Transfers were this week, which is always a little distracting. We both just got here so nothing was happening with us most likely but it still was in the back of our minds. The verdict: we are indeed still together in Gardnerville! The surprising part is with the Spanish Elders in our ward. They have been together 4 transfers, as long as I was with Sister Wood. We though for sure one of them was leaving. To our utter shock, they are are also still here for their fifth transfer! almost 8 months they will have spent together by the end! They were a little disappointed though, just because the work in their area is frustrating. We felt bad in Coordination meeting when they only had to announce that 3 separate of the people they had been working with and were suppose to be baptized next week dropped them. Then it was our turn to coordinate with the ward member and we had nothing but good things, exciting things to report. Then I realized. We have nothing to loose! We started with nothing. And though a few people drop us, we met them only once! We have nothing to loose! I think we are at that perfect point. We have enough going on that we are excited, but we don't have anyone far enough down the line that if doesn't become anything we aren't heart broken.

So we have things rolling. It's fun. Nothing big to report.

OH! Most exciting moment of the week: An older lady (88) that use to only tolerate us, LOVES us. When we visit, she actually puts in her hearing aids now. Her Book of Mormon Audio Book came and she is excited to read it! We think something happened with her pastor when she told him she was meeting with us that made her just want to meet with us more :) She was on the verge of telling us when the phone rang. Maybe we will find out the whole story another time!

Also, I got to wear pants for service twice this week! Yay pants!

We have lots of little miracles everyday.

We've been showing more Mormon messages lately. This one is my favorite to show. It's just so cute and uplifting. 

Hope everyone has a great week!

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