Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Miracle Healing: 6/2/14

Monday was okay. I think it may have been allergies because I had more of a watery eyes than runny nose. Tuesday came in with a vengeance. Wednesday wasn't much better. I prayed so hard to feel better for Trish's baptism. Also, that my nose wouldn't be Rudolf red and bleeding because it was so dry for the pictures. Despite the two benedryl I was up all night. That did mean more neosporin for my nose and Vick's chest rub. When I finally got to bed at 3am and woke up at 6am for the drive to Elko for zone conference, I COULD BREATH AGAIN!!!! My prayer worked! There are tomatoes! I could breath and even though it was a bit vain I didn't have a red nose--tender mercies.
We had to rush back to Wells. We were running late, our Ward Mission Leader was joking slash it wasn't funny that the font was freezing cold, we found out 20 minutes prior to us getting there that there was a PRESCHOOL GRADUATION going on right next to the baptismal font at 6 and they were rehearsing with a microphone, the people who did the graduation didn't know about us so they destroyed the room we had set up the night before (which we found out when we got there late)--needless to say, we were stressed. Then there was Trish as calm as can be. "It's no big deal. It doesn't matter as long as I get baptized. It will start a little later and it will be great." We knew it but we just wanted it to be so perfect and we were feeling like chickens with our head chopped off instead of happy and peaceful.

We moved our stuff to the Relief Society room and calmed down. Lots of people showed up to support Trish in this step. Once the song and prayer was done, there was nothing but peace. The whole thing was beautiful. The spirit was so strong. I didn't cry but I was so moved the entire time. It all worked out and was wonderful. I don't think I have ever scene Trish more excited than when her husband saw her in her white jumper and he said "I feel like I need one of those!" WE told him we could get him one. He quickly laughed it off and took it back, but Trish was just the happiest. Before she entered the font we asked her how she felt. She considered it and looked off into the distance and just smiled and nodded her head and said "I feel at peace." When she said it she was glowing. Perhaps it was just her happiness, but I swear  she was literally glowing. Then she recieved the Holy Ghost on Sunday. She was happy then as well. She is just as wonderful as they come, perfect in every way.

We also said goodbye to a dear friend this week. We met her our first Monday here. She has been through so much! She is finally getting back to New York with her dog Floppy! We love her and wish her the best.

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