Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Goats, Graduations, and Good Times: 6/9/14

We pulled up across the school in front of the park gazebo for the graduation party. I get out and see a truck window is rolled down and I see an animal inside. I walk up to the truck and say "Is this a cute doggie?".... It was a GOAT! Only in Wells.

This week has been a good one. Lots of stories. Sister Wood had to leave for a leadership meeting 6 hours away in Reno, so we had Sister Cook in town for a few days. We always have told her that there is always a story everyday. She was surprised that we weren't exaggerating. First stop, there is a man sitting outside. I originally thought was naked so I said Hi and then averted my eyes... Sister Cook walked up to talk with him. He starts to stand up, I'm freaking out. He was wearing short black baggy shorts that were just scrunched up funny. She asked what he though his purpose in life was... he said smoking ribs. He wasn't interested. He said we could leave him with a prayer...and then walked away. Next stop, lady told us we could visit her yesterday. And thus went our days. When Sister Wood got back it was back in the normal groove. We were invited to Graduation Parties and it was just so much fun! We were able to meet a lot of people and talk to a lot of people and just show face. It was fun to see how much the community has come to love us. We got teased and we teased right back. One of us would get up to throw something away, get food, get a napkin and we would be talking with someone for 30 minutes or more before we got back. Sometimes even longer because on the walk back you got talking to someone else. People I never would have imagined we have impacted found out one of us might leave in two weeks and members and nonmembers alike told us we weren't allowed to leave. I love this area. I love these people. This is our area. We are the Wells Sisters. I just can't see how that will ever change. I know it will, but we've changed missionary work here and there part of us here that will never die.

I love missionary work. We get to talk to so many different people. We get to devote our time to helping others. Service truly does bring you closer to God and brings happiness. 

This is us getting back to Wells after being apart for two days. We were excited.

 My kick of the week that I have been leaving as a spiritual thought and just thinking about myself is 2 Nephi 20:3 (which quotes Isaiah 10). It hasn't even been the whole verse. It is one line "And where will ye leave your glory?" It is talking about the Second Coming of Christ. How there will be destruction prior. When all is said and done and this earth passes away, where will ye leave your glory? God's glory is to "bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man". His purpose, His glory is to bring us happiness that we can live with Him forever--more knowledgeable, more refined, glorified in Him. Satan's... he is nothing. What is he that we should give him our glory? Where will we leave our glory? I know that if I were to die tomorrow, and maybe this is a little morbid, but if it were to happen I would have no regrets. I've spent my life trying to do good. While a lot of 19-20 year olds are doing something much different, I'm in Nevada devoting this time to God and helping others by trying to do what I believe the Savior would have done and just loving the people. I'm so glad I did this. It is something I will cherish forever. I know where I want to leave my glory.

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