Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Sickly: 5/26/14

Our Zone leaders just called and asked how our week was. We were kinda quiet for a while and then finally managed "....Sickly?". Tuesday night Sister wood came down with nasty sinus thing that took her out asleep the whole next day. I got a bottle of Orange Juice and chugged it. The next day we managed to work and where able to get a lot of work done. The next day.... I think we used up all of Sister Woods energy and she was out like a light almost the whole day. I thought I had escaped it and my OJ chugging had payed off. Then Saturday I coughed a few times--didn't think much of it. Sunday I had a congested nose and sore throat. Today I have full blown something or other. Maybe it's just allergies, but my eyes will not  stop watering. It's not as bad as Sister Wood's, but now we are both sitting here typing and sniffling away.
The most exciting thing this week was a little boy's birthday party. He just turned seven and we have grown really close to the family. All of our little friends were there. When we pulled up and got out of the car they all ran to us and started attacking/playing with us. Lars was our only protector. Then we got shields and noodle swords and the battle was on. This was as the battle was ending.

Then after that we went to get lunch at McDonalds and a member stopped us and made us let her buy us lunch (she would not take no for an answer. She is so nice). As we start to pull away, we have to wait for 3 old people with walkers and canes to cross the street. Before they get halfway across, about 15 more pop up and start to cross. We inch forward. I look down to our food and hear Sister Wood exclaim, "HOLY OLD PEOPLE! It's ALL the old people!" There were over fifty old people steaming forward. They were swarming! It looked like a zombie apocalypse of old people with walkers and canes! It was insane! Finally we make it through and there's a big travel bus and they were still coming strong! It was one of the more funny things of my life. I wish I had got a picture or video.

Okay, actually that wasn't the most exciting thing. Last Monday we got a call from our Bishop's wife. She had been talking to someone in the post office and came to find out that she had had the missionary lessons before and now wanted to finish them and be baptized! You do not get calls like that everyday. We got to meet her on one of the three actual days we had. She is really cool and nice. I look forward to meeting with her more. There does have to be a marriage to the fiancee before anything can happen but they are already engaged so we don't have to be awkward and rush anything. 

Well. That's all I have for you this week. Oh! Talk of the town is finally away from my animal attack and now to my companions. Our Ward mission leader now owns Sugar Gliders. It REALLY liked Sister Wood. The feeling wasn't mutual. Because it could leap/fly though, it kept coming back.

Here is a picture from last week down in Ruby Valley.

Oh! and here's a picture with me hiking with Trish and her husband and dog!

And lots more pictures.  

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