Monday, May 5, 2014

Much Better: 5/5/2014

Many people have asked how I am. Last Sunday was definitely the start of the downhill stretch. I was pretty much back to normal minus some dizzy/nauseous spells and a little tiredness. Tuesday I was practically back to normal I had five or so spells and took only a thirty minute nap. By Saturday I only had one somewhat nauseous and dizzy spell and Zero nap. By yesterday I felt fine! I didn't think I was too bad last week, but then all the people we saw again from last week this week commented that I look so much better and I look like death last week. Well. What do you do! So feel better and I guess I look better--not that I have any pictures to prove this. We talked about taking pictures this week but we didn't take any. However our investigators wife took these and sent them to us. They are horrible, but I figured the family might want a visual. Sister Hoover is a twig and makes me look Jumbo sized, but that's okay.

There has been a new goal for the zone to meet five new people everyday. So, we have done this by walking more and talking to everyone we see. We pass them and Say "Hi! How are you!" If they start talking back and obviously aren't in a hurry, we talk to them for a while. If they say a quick good and keep their head down, we don't! We don't believe in being annoying. This has led to a few funny conversations and situation. Here are the best ones:

"Well. I'm Catholic so let's just be friends" We say Okay and we talked and talked for a good 30 minutes.

One guy gets talking to us for a while. He was out in his yard watering the flowers. Then he asks "So, did school get out early?" and we sheepishly say "um, no. We don't go to school right now. We are missionaries". He simply says " well...... Have a good day." and turns his back on us! 

Another guy we talked to had no teeth and was from Spain. He's going back there in a month. We talked a good 45 minutes in the street. He talked to us how we were good girls and needed to go home and marry good guys. Then Sister Wood asked to leave him with a pass-along card (a picture of Jesus with a phone number for a free video on the back) and we talk about religion. Then we ask to leave him with a prayer and Sister Wood threw me under the bus to say it. As I pray (I guess Sister Wood was peeking), he was staring at me. When I finish he says Amen in complete and utter shock and say to Sister Wood. "Oooooh.... She's a Jesus girl!" Sister Wood says "yep!" and he looks at me "Your a Jesus girl!" I've never been told that before and was unsure how to respond so I said Thank you.

The great moments of the week:
*Trish told us that she was ready to be baptized! She also said "I feel like I've been Mormon or... from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (because she took up the challenge in General conference to use the full name) all along!" I was elated! She is so special.

*We made a brilliant Atheist scientist think.

*Our Mission President came out to do interviews and after he heard our preference to stay together here he practically told us we were stay another transfer! Also They obviously didn't understand what happened with the dog and felt really bad for not caring more. Also it was pretty much president telling us that we were awesome for 30 minutes so that was cool.

*We saw a lot of people we haven't seen in a while because we finally had a normal week! 

Speaking Spiritually: Okay, I was really bad and haven't studies the next section I wanted to write about from Preach My Gospel, but I just want to tell you about what has been on my mind the past couple days. We were in a lesson with Celina and brought our Ward Mission Leader along. We began talking about how much God loves us and how close he is willing to go to us. Never underestimate those things. But the story was of an acquaintance of his. She was going to the temple, because her daughter was dying of cancer. She went into the bride's room where she could be alone. As she sat in there pondering, she could hear someone walking up to the door. She heard His hand touch the door. She knew instantly that it was the Savior and that all she had to do was to call out to Him to come in or open the door and she could meet Him..... but she didn't. She was worried. She was unsure if her faith was truly that strong that she would feel comfortable in His presence. However the Savior is always at the door waiting to come in if we let Him.

When I first heard it, I was somewhat upset with the lady. Don't you know how wonderful it will be to see Him? Don't you know how much he loves you?

Then I remembered my own fears and doubts. I was in a giant group of youth and the question was what would you do if the savior walked in this room right now. Would you recognize Him? Would you run up to greet him? Would you feel uncomfortable? 

I pictured the scene and I imagined Christ walking in and people flocking to see Him. I imagined me staying in my seat scared to see Him. He meant everything to me, but what was I to Him? How could he really love me among all these other people that he also loves? What makes me so special? And that's what a thought. It always made me upset.

Then one day I saw an old friend on campus at college and the second we saw each other we recognized each other--even though it had been before puberty since we last had seen each other and we had both changed so much. Upon our mutual recognition, we started running to each other excitedly and gave each other a bear hug and started talking like we had never parted from each other and nothing had changed. It was a great moment. Then in my prayers that night I realized something. It's not going to be Christ walking in waiting for people to flock towards him and introduce themselves, it's going to be like seeing an old friend and He will also be excited to see us again because he love us.

Hope you all have a great week!

P.S. Thank you for all the prayers and thoughts sent my way this week. Even beyond the people in this email I know have been praying for me. I am so incredibly grateful and I know I have been watched over. I have healed so quick and everything has gone so smoothly. My anxiety over the dogs has drastically decreased and I am feeling completely better (except for the fact that I still have staples in and still can't really do my hair, but that's just annoying and not an issue at all).
It was a bad situation, but it has been the best outcome. It's kinda a shame it's on the back of my head and I won't be able to find or see the scar--my battle wound will be gone--but at the same time I can move on with life as if it never happened. The body is such a miracle how it heals and fixes itself. It's kinda cool. Well, on that note, I am doing good and ready to rock possibly my last (though probably not) week in Wells with Sister Wood :)

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