Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Both Spiritual and Weird: 2/17/14

It has been such a good week! Our biggest problem in Wells right now is that there is too much to do! That is the best problem I could think of. Wells has NEVER had this many investigators or less actives coming back. A lady who was visiting and gave me a referral said, "For the past 100 years there has been a curse on this land and you two have broke it."
Nothing moves fast in Wells, but there are a lot of people moving slowly.
This week has by far been the funniest. By Wednesday we've had enough mission stories to last us a lifetime. I'll try to keep it to the highlights:

-We trudged through mud to get a ladies house that we had an appointment with. She was tired so we rescheduled. Then we walked back through the mud swamp and her muddy dogs wouldn't stop jumping on us. We keep pointing and saying down, but they did NOT listen. Eventually we gave up and decided to just take pictures. hahaha

then I went to put my bag in the back seat after opening up the front. I turn my back for two seconds and I hear "noooo!" i turn around and THE DOG WAS IN THE CAR!!! putting his muddy prints all over. Sister Wood yells at it "get out you stupid dog!" and it gets scared and PEES ON MY SEAT!!!!

I've been riding around on a towel. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard at a horrible situation. This is our life in wells. Always.

This picture doesn't even do it justice....

- Later that night we had dinner with Lynda Hansen. She made us CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!! We decided instead of the Year of the Horse, it was now the year of the Walrus. and we took picture when Sister Hansen wasn't looking!

-We went to a catholic funeral. Situational irony.     Actually, it was good we were there. Jennifer was sitting alone and we were able to help comfort her. The catholic Priest thanked us for being there to support jennifer and we thanked him for the service. 

-One of the ladies there at the luncheon invited us to come discuss religion. We asked her what her religion was and she goes, "Oh, I'm a wicken."    Me and sister wood just look at each other and luckily keep our composure. But once we left and got in the car, we laughed. "OUR NEW INVESTIGATOR IS A WICKEN!!!!!!!!" 

-We have the Sister Training leaders come down and do splits. They declared Wells the most interesting exchanges!

-TWICE on valentine's day we get these vague, scary texts asking us to COME NOW! and we were like AHHHH! We get there "what's wrong! what's up!" and then they are like "HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!" One time it was the uhligs and we took valentine's day picture with our friend Dusty. She made us pose like this.

-We got our transfer calls. The zone leaders make a big deal about it and ask us to get out pen and paper. In shock because we were sure they would keep us at least one more transfer. Sister wood.... you have been asked to serve in the wells ward! We all laugh and roll our eyes. We start to say goodbye. Then "wait no, sister golding..." My heart is in my throat. I was on the verge of tears. "yes" "you have been asked to serve...... (deep breath) in the wells area." They are the worst.

In other news. This has been our best week yet!

we have 3 new investigators from this week alone! There have been so many wonderful moments with people we have been working with for a while as well as new people we met. The Lord is truly preparing people for us to meet and help. After going on exchanges (where Sister Wood and I were split up with different Sisters) it just became more and more obvious that Sister Wood and I have specifically been sent here for a reason and we are able to get in and touch the hearts of those we teach in a way that other missionaries can't. It's been fun to see. 

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