Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Week of Miracles: 2/10/14

So before I start and get all serious. Here are the results from the poll.
Spaying 53.8% knew what it was
Heffer 76.9% knew what this was.

I feel less completely worthless! Yeah It's removing the ovaries of baby female cows. We did not do that service project....

Okay, I've been SOOOOO good at keeping in my rude comments in. SO GOOD! but I slipped this week.

Luckily it was a part member/ less active family who thought it was funny. We visited the Hunt family but the mom (whose not a member) was sick. While we left we were saying that we would love to help her. and I started to say "you know if you need us to make you soup or run to the store to get you toilet paper or something. We will be there" and the 6 year old son (who loves me, but he's a handful) starts jumping and yelling as we walk away "oooh ooh! I need toilet paper! I need toilet paper!!!!!" and just turn to him and say "oh yeah? Is that because your full of crap?" Sybil just dies laughing and I'm like "oh.. I mean. I'm a missionary!"

Other funny moments/quotes:

"Don't eat healthy, it makes your pee smell funny"

There is a referral we've been trying to set up a second appointment with and we see him carrying in his groceries and he has a gimp foot so..
Sister wood: can we help you carry in you groceries?
Paul: You know you ladies are really nice and all, but I'm just not a church-y guy. I'm sorry.
sister wood: Well, we know you have a hurt foot. We could still help you carry in your groceries
Paul: That's beside the point.               (haahhaha. What?)
Sister Wood: um... ok bye!

We knocked over a vase of fake flowers in our sketchy hotel and this white powder stuff falls out and spills all over Sister Wood shoe. We talked to our ward mission leader about how we are 80% sure it's someones drug stash and he says "Just snort it and see what happens!"

The strangest request: "do you mind talking to me while I'm pooping? I'm a chatty pooper."

Now for Miracles:

To start off. Last week the ward and stake fasted for rain and for moisture. Be careful what you fast for. that stuff works. It has not stopped raining or snowing for days!

Jennifer Stapleton. We met her at Marge's funeral (lost and found week). She said I'm catholic but we asked for service and ended up giving her our number. Well, we got referred to her this week from Church headquarters/Referral system this week because her mom died (who we also met and have talked to around town. she was really a nice lady). The only family Jennifer had in town was her mom and she's taken it very rough. This is not the miracle. What is the miracle though is that we couldn't get a hold of her so we left a sticky note on her door to call us if she needs someone to talk to or any help and she called! She felt comfortable enough with us from the 20 minutes we talked that she felt like she could rely on us in this time of need. We are helping her with the funeral and as emotional support right now. she kept saying "I only met you once! you only met my mom once! I can't believe how much I need you and how much I feel close to you!" I don't know how the catholic church is going to feel about us being there for the service to help Jennifer, but I know she needs us right now.

-Our neighbor/potential investigator is moving to Iowa. We've been bummed. But they contacted us and really really want to have a lesson with us before they go. Since they are also our friends they invited us to their family dinner/get together. There we met the Hunts and Sybil also really wants to be there for Mary and Jacks lesson! That lesson is tonight. We are so nervous. We have one shot!

-Wednesday we tried and tried to contact people. We knocked on doors for 5 hours with no one answering until finally Amy let us in! They are another Part member family and she now LOVES us. She invited us to come to her sons birthday party next monday for cake! and we are seeing them on thursday!

-Nevada's Funeral: Indian funerals are crazy! there was 90+ people there. Funerals are not good. I don't rejoice in people dying. But we were helping with the set up and serving food and we ran into so many people that we have met and continue building relationships with the town. Gypsie lady found us and wanted to introduce us to her entire family! It wasn't good, but it was good we were there.

-Hallie: she is financially burdened and talked to us about how selling a necklace was the difference between having milk for the week or not. How their fridge currently has pickles and that's it in it. We had been praying for a way to help her. Then the funeral had tons of leftovers and we gave her a big package of food!

-Julie came to church this week! We haven't been able to get ahold of her for two weeks and have been so bummed because she seemed so interested. We knew she was busy but we figured since she hadn't replied to our 4 text messages she was done. I've been praying and praying that she would just come to church. Then five minutes late, She shows up. Waves at us and sits down. gives me a side hug! She really wants the lessons and to learn more, but hasn't found a time. We told her we can break them up into smaller lessons and she was like "OHHH! Come by Thursday then!" 

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